Salomon Quest 4D GTX Forces 2 Coyote Taktik Bot L40943400-22723


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When your operation takes you into the most rugged terrain, the QUEST 4D GTX FORCES 2 gives you the support and grip of a mountain boot, but still has the flexibility to take a knee or sprint to position in tough conditions.  


Reinforced Durability

Every component gets reinforcement, from the stitching to the mesh to the laces to the outsole.

Advanced Stability

Salomon's 4D Advanced Chassis guides the foot even on the roughest terrain, reducing fatigue for all-trek comfort.

Precise Fit

Developed through experience in trail running, SensiFit wraps around the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, ensuring a secur, snug and customized fit.






Dual density midsole

Combining foams with two different densities, this midsole provides superior cushioning, stability, and motion control.



A high performance EVA foam that provides shock attenuation.


Anti-debris Mesh

Tight mesh that prevents debris from being trapped between your foot and the footbed.


Non-reflective materials

Built to be discrete and non-reflective for Tactical use.


Nubuck leather

Quality full-grain leather material for longer wear and durability.


Single layer Mesh

A single layer of Mesh, close to the foot, for maximum feel.


Water Repellant

Waterproof material remains unaffected by water even when under pressure. Waterproof footwear completely prevents water from entering it through the upper.


Mesh and textile lining

A soft, breathable lining for extreme comfort.


Closed hooks

For tactical use, these closed hooks reduce the risk of snags from ropes, etc.


Gusseted tongue

The tongue is connected to the upper on both sides, preventing debris from entering the shoe, and keeping the tongue centered.


Lace pocket

Provides easy storage for the Quicklace™ lacing system.


Protective toecap

A protective piece of rubber, leather or synthetic material over the toe area.



SensiFit™ cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug, and virtually customized fit all around the foot.


Protective mudguard

A wrap of leather, synthetic or rubber around the base of the foot that protects the lateral and medial sides of the foot.


Medial protective pad

A durable, cushioned pad across the medial side of the instep for protection and increased wear.


Molded OrthoLite®

Molded to match the contours of your foot, this OrthoLite® insole provides superior cushioning, as well as breathability and durability, to upgrade the comfort and performance of our footwear.


Lace locker

A locking eyelet between the forefoot and ankle eyelets that locks the laces in place, enabling independent and precise adjustment.


Regular laces

Traditional lacing system with eyelets.


ISO 20344:2011 - Puncture resistant sole

A layer of puncture-resistant material added to the outsole prevents sharp objects from penetrating the bottom of the shoe.


ISO NORM 2419:2012 - 2.0mm thick leather

Thicker than typical shoe leather for increased durability.


Trade compliance US


Trade compliance EU

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